WFS Raises $1500 for the Angel Fund!

November 29, 2016
by Eve

On October 19th, WFS students participated in a “PINK” Walk-A-Thon, raising just over $1500 for the Angel Fund at Winthrop University Hospital for breast health care. WFS students learned in an age-appropriate way what cancer is and how we can help others in their fight. We had a visitor that day who asked a Pre-K student why everyone was wearing pink. Isaiah responded, “We are showing empathy for people who are sick.” WFS 1st graders were working on a patterns math project involving beads and string. Some students started to talk about making bracelets to sell to raise more money for the cause.

Moments like these shows how valuable incorporating character development into the educational journey our students travel is. Teaching students about empathy, giving back, and just simply wanting to be the best citizens of the world can make all the difference in the world.