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   Morning Toddler Program

Morning Toddler Program

What is the philosophy?
It is well established that young children learn best by playing, and that the quality of their play (and therefore the potential for all kinds of learning) can be enriched by knowledgeable adults who design the play environment for optimal experiences. For Toddlers at Westbury Friends School, it is within this play environment that they are introduced to school as a happy, safe, interesting and joyful place.

What is it like?
The WFS Morning Toddler Program takes place in a safe, cheerful, comfortable setting designed just for them.  The classroom layout and structure is a deliberate, organized space to create an atmosphere that is alive with enthusiasm and age-appropriate challenges in order to arouse and engage the various interests, temperaments and strengths of each child. Stories are read, songs are sung, music is enjoyed and danced to, and snack is shared around the table.  It is all about the playful discovery of the wonderful world around them, while developing verbal and social skills, and learning to expand their world from home and family, to new and trusted adults.

What will my child gain?
Over the course of the year friendships will be born and nurtured in a positive, caring atmosphere. The seeds of self-worth that have been planted at home will continue to be cultivated and developed. Through an abundance of love, encouragement, acceptance of differences and never ending attention, the Toddlers will experience the everyday successes that lead to building their own positive sense of self.

While at school, there are ample opportunities for the children to investigate, observe, question, reflect and draw conclusions commensurate to their level of intellectual, social and emotional development. Children will have the chance to practice newly acquired skills, as well as approach challenges just beyond their level of present ability.

Opportunities to encourage and develop creativity abound for the Toddlers. Imagination and creativity are gifts to be celebrated and encouraged daily through many varied activities and opportunities. The faculty accepts this responsibility with awe and reverence.

Who will my child be with during class time?
The Toddler class is staffed with two nurturing, talented and experienced teachers who are certified by NYS in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

How is separation handled?
In order to be able to separate from a parent or primary caregiver with ease, Toddlers need to be given the opportunity to form a relationship with their teachers, and establish trust. To this end, parents or caregivers are asked to stay in the classroom the first week, but to remain on the sidelines, while their child begins to interact and bond with their teachers. During the second week of school (or sooner), parents will be expected to taper their time in the room, so that by the third week, they are saying goodbye.  At that time, teachers can help parents/caregivers establish a "goodbye routine" that works for their child. Tears may occur, but if trust has been established, it will be short lived and well within what is typical for Toddlers. Teachers will comfort and reassure your child for as long as it takes!

2013-14 hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:30am - 11am.
Tuition: Please call 516-333-3178, or use our inquiry form to request the details.

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